Green Tree Rocky Mountain Bio Products represents the highest quality of environmentally friendly products on the market today. Our products are used in soil stabilization, reclamation, revegetation, landscaping, gardening, agriculture, post-fire revegetation, golf courses, dust control, and much more. All of our materials, soil amendments and tackifiers, are plant based and do not contain any animal by-products.

Klyde Warren Park, Dallas, TX

Klyde Warren Park, Dallas, TX

Our products may be used in conjunction with each other or may be used as standalone products. The products work very well in all types of growing environments. Used in the harsh conditions of mine reclamation and road side revegetation, where all traces of top soil and microbial activity have been striped or removed, these products provide a healthy growing environment for native grasses and forbes. They have been used in lawns, gardens, flowerbeds, tree and shrub planting, revegetation, landscaping, golf courses, pastures, and organic farming. Our products are research proven in the field and in the lab. They have received award winning results around the world.

We represent the highest quality organic products on today’s market for plant establishment and plant growth. With a variety of product lines from fertilizers to tackifiers, we have quality products with a wide range of uses.

Klyde Warren Park, Dallas, TX

Klyde Warren Park, Dallas, TX

Biosol – All Purpose Natural Organic Fertilizer Products. Biosol Forte (7-2-1) and Biosol (6-1-1) are multi-nutrient fertilizers due to the complex organic fertilizer that is high in organic matter, chitin and dry mycelium. Biosol is a fermented plant based organic fertilizer and soil amendment. The high chitin content in Biosol (approximately 5 – 15%) is a vital substance for supporting healthy soil and plant life by reducing soil borne pathogens and diseases. Dry mycelium, the beneficial proteins contained in Biosol, will be available during multiple growing seasons to enhance soil life and establish a better soil structure.

Chemstar – StarTak – Organic Starch Based Tackifiers. Manufactured in the United States, StarTak is a cost-effective, naturally occurring organic tackifer used to increase seed to soil contact for better seed germination and plant growth. It can also be used for erosion control and is effective in significantly reducing soil loss and run off in heavy rain events. All StarTak products are beneficial for soil structure, soil life, soil health, plant growth and plant health. Our products are specified and used by many DOT’s, the National Park Service, municipalities, landscapers, homeowners and organic farmers.

Earthgreen – Menefee Humate – An All Natural Trace Mineral. Humate is a high carbon and humic acid based granular soil conditioner that acts as an organic chelator and microbial stimulator. It has a unique carbon matrix incorporating a high concentration of trace minerals and organic acids, specifically humic acid, improving the plant’s ability to take in vital nutrients. Menefee Humate has the highest guaranteed level of combined humic acid, organic matter and available carbon on the market. Humate will significantly improve poor soils and water holding capacity when used in conjunction with a balanced fertilization program.

Mycorrhizae – MycoApply’s endo and ecto mycorrhizae options consist of specifically selected species of fungi and bacteria in multiple formulations designed for a wide variety of uses. Mycorrhizae fungi release powerful enzymes into the soil that dissolve hard-to-capture nutrients, such as organic nitrogen, phosphorus, iron and other “tightly bound” soil nutrients. These beneficial fungi build a natural microbial system which greatly enhances plant growth, yields, vigor and tolerance of environmental extremes.

PermaMatrix® – is 100% organic, and begins the process of turning poor, unhealthy dirt into healthy productive soil. It improves nutrient availability to the plant by combining a unique blend of biochar (a type of charcoal or soil carbon) that retains water and provides habitat for soil microbes and mycorrhizae (beneficial fungi), minerals and clean organics (humates). This living soil amendment produces greater yields in garden vegetables and stronger, faster growing plants in the landscape.

How does Biosol Work?
Biosol promotes humus formation and soil fertility because of the high quality organic substances in this beneficial bacterial and fungal biomass. Therefore, Biosol helps activate the nutrient cycling of soil life and regenerates the soil with its long lasting effect. This process helps build higher humus values, allows for better rooting, nutrient vitalization and increased microbial activity. This beneficial mineralized organic biomass helps control the release of nourishing soil and plants, so that there is little chance of nutrient leaching. Biosol’s unique blend of nutrients stimulates root development and allows plants of all kinds to fully absorb essential nutrients for longevity and maximum health.

  • All- natural and environmentally balanced
  • Produces healthy plants with vibrant color and excellent root structure
  • Benefits the entire landscape Long lasting and will not burn plants
  • Holds 2-3 times its weight in water
Klyde Warren Park, Dallas, TX

Klyde Warren Park, Dallas, TX


Biosol All Purpose Natural Organic Fertilizer: Biosol, also known as dry mycelium, is a by-product from the manufacture of penicillin. Biosol promotes a healthy balance of microbes, ensuring the long-term green color and health of your turf plants. Due to the fermentation process that the raw materials go thru during the manufacturing process these nutrients are organically bound so that the nutrients are slowly released to mimic the natural growing cycle of plants making nutrients available for root absorption. Biosol is recognized as your prescription for healthy soils and plants, allowing plants to flourish in their environment.

  • Biosol 6-1-1 – Granular
  • Biosol Forte 7-2-1 – Granular
  • Biosol Forte 7-2-1 Greens Grade

Humates (humic acids):
A natural trace mineral, carbon and humic acid based granular soil conditioner that acts as an organic chelator and microbial stimulator. It improves the plant’s ability to utilize vital nutrients increasing plant growth & development.

  • Earthgreen Menefee Humate All Natural Organic Soil Conditioner – Granular
    A Natural Trace Mineral, Carbon and Humic Based Soil Conditioner
  • Grow-Plex – Powder (Water-Soluble)
    An All Purpose Natural Trace Mineral, Carbon and Humic Acid Based Powder
  • SeaMate –  Powder (Water-Soluble)
    An All Purpose Seaweed, Trace Mineral, Carbon and Humic Based Water
    Soluble Humate with growth stimulants
  • SeaMate Fe 6-8-12 – Powder (Water-Soluble)
    An All Purpose Seaweed, Iron, N-P-K, Trace Mineral, Carbon & Humic Acid

Mycorrhizae Inoculants: 
About 95% of the world’s land plants form a mycorrhizal relationship in their native habitats. It is estimated that mycorrhizal fungal filaments explore hundreds to thousands more soil volume compared to roots alone. Expand your plants root zone by 100-1000 times. Provide your plants a better chance to survive the world’s harsh conditions.

  • Myco Apply Endo Mycorrhizae Multiple Species – Granular
  • Myco Apply Micronized Endo Mycorrhizae Multiple Species – Powder
  • Myco Apply Ultra Fine Endo Mycorrhizae Multiple Species – Fine Powder
  • Myco Apply All Purpose Granular Endo/Ecto – Soluble Powder
  • Myco Apply Soluble Maxx Endo/Ecto – Soluble Powder