PermaMatrix® Complete Package for Soil Restoration
PermaMatrix® is a new way of thinking, developing the optimum rhizosphere for plant growth using mother natures components. It is superior in composition for creating sustainable function in Green Tree3soils. It performs a superior function to typical compost/topsoil installations as it does not require the traditional volume based application. PermaMatrix® application rates are based on the correct microbial and mychorrhizae counts, along with the organic carbon based components that will reestablish the natural biological function of a disturbed site.

PermaMatrix® Uses Superior Organics
PermaMatrix® uses histolic soils as the organics which is the best organics for increased water and nutrient holding capacity. This improves aeration of soils and increases water infiltration.

PermaMatrix® Beneficial Microbes
PermaMatrix® provides soil microorganisms that are needed to change nutrients through bacterial action into forms the plants can use. PermaMatrix® provides nutrient recycling over a long period of time. The combination of organics, fiber, and micro nutrients are provide nitrogen and trace elements to soils. As the plants cycle thru their life cycle the produced biomass is broken down by the microbes and recycled into humus. This creates new organics that are converted for the sustained use of the vegetation.
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