Introducing the Ultimate All-natural Slope Stabilizer
StarTak® 600 — New test results for a 100% natural erosion-control product StarTak 600 are natural tackifiers that are environmentally friendly for erosion control.

Potatoes x 4

  • A high performance environmentally friendly starch based organic tackifers for slope stabilization
  • Used during and in conjunction during construction, reclamation / revegetation, post fire revegetation and dust control
  • 100% natural agricultural product – AMERICAN MADE – Corn / Potato based products


One of the Most Cost Effective, Environmentally Safe Tackifiers On the Market

Manufactured from 100% all natural agricultural product, StarTak 600 is safe for the environment and personnel. And, all Chemstar products are Made in the USA for quick distribution and a more cost-efficient means of controlling erosion during seed germination and plant establishment.

With StarTak 600, you get a high-performance, environmentally-friendly organic tackifier that has rapidly set a new standard of excellence for soil stabilization. In addition, it can be used with confidence as a:

  • Temporary slope stabilizer during construction
  • Post fire slope stabilizer / revegetation tackifier
  • Hydroseeding tackifier
  • Stray/Hay overspray binder
  • Dust control agent


Hear About the San Diego State Trial In The Video Below

Branch With LeavesStarTak® 600 has demonstrated unprecedented performance levels when evaluated under a range of conditions* by the Soil Erosion Research Lab at San Diego State University, one of the most prominent slope erosion testing laboratories in the country. Test results show StarTak 600 significantly reduces runoff and soil loss in heavy cumulative rain event testing on bare soil. StarTak 600 was tested on a 2:1 slope of sandy loam in rain events of:

  • 2 inches/hr
  • 4 inches/hr
  • 6 inches/hr

The cumulative results in these test parameters showed impressive bare soil slope stabilization results compared to untreated slope:

  • 86% reduction in soil loss at 2 inches/hr
  • 57% reduction of soil loss at 4 inches/hr


*StarTak 600 was tested using the testing standard ASTM D-6459 Standard Test Method for Determination of Erosion Control Blanket Performance in Protecting Hillslopes from Rainfall induced Erosion (As revised for hydraulic materials instead of RECPs.)