Environmental – Erosion Control When you really need to control erosion and waste-water challenges, field tests have proven Chemstar’s line of starch-derived environmental control products to be more effective than any other natural or synthetic products on the market. Chemstar’s starch-based tackifiers hold soils, seed and mulch in place to maximize seed germination resulting in a cost-effective erosion control plan for city, state and federal agencies. What’s more, these starch-based products are grown in the Upper Midwest – with a stable price point to help you make accurate, dependable budget forecasts. Choose from any of the following all-natural, cost-effective Chemstar products created especially for the environmental industry.

One of the most cost effective, environmentally safe tackifiers on the market. Manufactured from 100% all natural agricultural product, StarTak 100/600 is safe for the environment and personnel. All Chemstar products are Made in the USA for quick distribution and a more cost-efficient means of controlling erosion during seed germination and plant establishment. With StarTak 100/600, you get a high-performance, environmentally-friendly organic tackifier that has rapidly set a new standard of excellence for soil stabilization. In addition, it can be used with confidence as a:

Golf Course Hydroseeding

  • Temporary slope stabilizer during construction
  • Post fire slope stabilizer/revegetation tackifier
  • Hydroseeding tackifier
  • Straw/Hay overspray binder
  • Dust Control Agent


StarTak® Series
Our StarTak line of starch-derived products is proven to be more effective than any other natural or synthetic tackifier agents on the market. These 100% naturally derived
products provide you with:

High Mixing Ratios
StarTak’s higher solid loading rate means consistently accurate application without repetition. More bags per load results in fewer truck refills and minimal
mixing times.

Superior Moisture Retention
Seeds germinate faster, with less irrigation, thanks to hydrophilic organic

Pure Fertilizer
StarTak products contain between 6 and 8 % protein, a natural source of life-enhancing nitrogen. Moreover, these tackifier agents act as a slow release fertilizer, boosting seed germination and plant establishment rates.

Chemstar - HydroSeed