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Biosol: The All-Organic Natural Fertilizer

Biosol-logo-grassBiosol Natural Organic Fertilizer: Biosol, also known as dry mycelium, is a by-product from the manufacturing process of penicillin. The dry mycelium and chitin in Biosol promotes a healthy balance of microbes, insuring the long-term plant health for your turf and plants. Chitin is one of the key and unique components of the Biosol. This slow uniform release mimics the natural growing cycle of plants, making nutrients more readily available for root absorption. Biosol has been researched around the world and is recognized as the “World’s Best Fertilizer”. Used to “Fix Dirt,” this fermented plant material is completely environmentally friendly.

Biosol is a 100% organic long lasting fertilizer with soil improving consequences. Biosol has a balanced nutrition ratio and supplies the plant with micro and macro-nutrients throughout the whole growing period. Building the organic matter and humus allows the soil to become active, allowing the nutrients to be available for plant intake. It is the high organic material in the Biosol that improves the humus content of the soil in addition to providing quality nutrients for plants. The soil is enriched, rooting is strengthened and the growing and vitality of your turf is increased, while strengthening the plants resistance against disease. Biosol lacks salt and is therefore suitable for greenhouse crops and arid/low precipitation areas. The risk of nitrate leaching is very low because of the organic fixation of the nutrients and nitrogen, providing the ultimate use of nutrients (see Nitrogen release graph). Biosol is a safe and ecological fertilizer because of the selected raw materials used during the production of the fungal biomass dry mycelium. Since Biosol is 100% organic, it is safe to use around children and animals.


Promoting Healthy Soil and Plants
In addition to being 100% natural and environmentally balanced, Biosol promotes good health for both plants and soil. In fact, Biosol was developed in the same way as slow release vitamins. Biosol’s slow release formula will not burn seed or existing vegetation and it does not require watering immediately after application. Nutrients are released continuously throughout the growing cycle, reducing maintenance costs associated with lesser quality fertilizers, which require numerous applications. Because of its low pH, nutrients are more readily available for plant uptake, ratherBranch With Leaves than being bound in the soil. One of the key factors of Biosol is its ability to promote a healthy balance of microbes, insuring the long-term green color and health of your turf and plants while controlling thatch. This unique blend of nutrients enables Biosol to stimulate root development, enabling plants of all kinds to fully absorb essential nutrients for longevity and maximum health. Biosol enriches the soil, enhances the volume of positive microbial biomass, and promotes the formation of humus, all of which results in a healthier, stronger, greener turf, trees, shrubs and plants. Biosol has a harmless, typical fungal smell that disappears a few days after application.

Landscapers and homeowners are confronted with a wide variety of soil conditions, irrigation, fertilizer requirements and plant variety when maintaining a property. The organic substances in Biosol promote soil health. Soil health is the capacity of soil to function within ecosystem boundaries to sustain biological productivity, maintain environmental health, promote plant growth and achieve a healthy balance of good soil microorganisms…
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State & Federal Organic Fertilizer Specification For Revegetation
All Natural Organic Fertilizer, 96% Fungal Biomass, 4% Water. A Fungal Biomass (Dry Mycelium) obtained by the fermentation on raw materials such as cottonseed meal, soybean meal, sucrose, lactose, trace elements & vitamins…
State & Federal Organic Fertilizer Specification For Revegetation


Biosol stimulates the micro-organisms in the soil and is used as a primary and maintenance fertilizer. Biosol will not burn vegetation when used properly.

Measure the turf area and spread proper amount as evenly as possible, walking in both directions to achieve the best coverage

Application rates:
Biosol should be applied at 25-30 lbs per 1000 sq.ft. for the year. Longer growing seasons may need a second application. Application rates may be adjusted to fit any special soil or nutrient requirements. Biosol can be spread with a conventional broadcast spreader or by hand.